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Default Re: Brilliant Bowmaker Twisted Template

Originally Posted by mothermayi View Post

I think Karyn has MASTERED the first rule of business: Create the demand!!

She's probably at home, with an evil grin, watching this thread...Her garage is full of the finished templates, and she's waiting for the perfect time to release them.

Que Karyn's evil voice 'soon, my pretties, soon'.


Dear Lord, if only!

I have ordered the templates. I have to get the book back from editing - it's a big book. If you have all three books - Classic, Twisted, and Surrounds, there are about 160 pages. Thank goodness you don't have to print it yourself.

Pre-orders will open up on May 12. I do not have a ship date to you though - I can only go by what the template printer, diecutter and paper printer tell me and I will share a ship date as soon as I get it.

I do apologize for the delay! I'm working with so many manufacturers at the moment you have no idea!

Oh and the new X-rays on my finger show the bone is only slightly reshaped - not really noticeable in the photos, but since it is still bruised, that accounts for the lack of flexibility and discomfort.

I keep laughing when I reread that post....
Brilliant Bowmaker Templates!
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