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Default Re: Brilliant Bowmaker Twisted Template


I am selling up to 12 ad spaces in the back of the Brilliant Bowmaker Twisted Template and Surround template books.


2.5 x 2.5" ad space - $80.00 USD

5" x 2.5 ad space - $150.00 USD

1000 combined copies guarenteed printed. Sales are not guarenteed but very highly anticipated and projected. Current books have shipped to 9 countries and counting.

Product must relate to ribbon, bowmaking supplies or general crafts, web design/graphics etc. I reserve the right to refuse an application based on the content of the items advertised. I do not recommend advertising straight bow sales since the customer is buying the kit to make their own bows. We recommend you also post links to one of the many websites that sell Brilliant Bowmakers in order to promote sales that contain your ad. Digital Brilliant Bowmaker logo link available on request.

Ad must contain website or phone number for ordering information. Coupon codes must stay valid for 1 year.

Minimum 300dpi full size jpeg file due by May 09, 2009 at midnight. NO EXCEPTIONS. Printing is scheduled for the week of May 11, 2009. In house graphics available - ask for quote and designers # will be sent for fast discussions.

I reserve the right to modify these terms without notice.

Thank you!!!

Brilliant Bowmaker Templates!
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