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Default Re: Help! Calling all scrabble tile and bottlecap makers

I mix up only 2t. at a time of the ET. I can get about 20-24 caps done, maybe more, from the amount I have before it gets too thick. I have to say - I, too, ruined a ton of caps on my last day making them. I really had to blame it on a bad batch of ET - I returned it to Micheal's for a return. They exchanged no problem. There was a cloudy film on each and every one of my cpas, not bubbles mind you, but almost like a soapy film that would gather near the middle of the image and cloud over. I tossed a TON of caps!!! I love the look of ET, but I think it is true, that practice must make perfect, because I have been learning much as I go along!!!! UGH!
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