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Default Re: Help! Calling all scrabble tile and bottlecap makers

Well, I've mixed two batches so far. The first time I mixed 1 1/2 tablespoons of each bottle. I mixed for the required 2 minutes exactly, set the timer. I made 6 tiles and realized I had more mix than tiles ready to coat. I was wanting to test it out before I ruined a bunch of tiles. So, I tried to get some more tiles done real fast and covered. That was a mistake, because the envirotex set too long and those all turned out terrible.

So, today I had 100 tiles ready and raring to go. I figured I couldn't coat them all at once, as it would probably go bad. So, I was shooting for doing maybe half of them. I mixed 3 tablespoons of each bottle for the required 2 minutes, again with the timer. I figure that about 20 of them turned out nice and clear. The others were kind of blotchy and cloudy looking (the ones I did toward the end).

How many of them can you do at a time? Do you think 20 is about the maximum?

Also, do you think the bails that I listed will work for the scrabble pendants?
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