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Default Re: Dog/Pet Hair Bows

I'm so glad I saw this post! My best friend has been begging me to make her little doggie some bows but I don't know how to attach the elastic to the bow...everywhere I read says that most people sew 2 on the back? I am having a hard time picturing this? Also, I was just going to make some bows like what I make for toddler bows for her but I saw the adorable little boutique style bows for furbabies. I'm not sure where to start on those, looks almost like a bowtie or tuxedo bow but with spikes on each side..that's the kind I am wanting to make for her now but I haven't seen any tutorials..does anyone know of any? And those who make them with the white plastic barrettes do you find that they stay in as well as elastic? She is going to be so excited when I get some made for her--her little doggie is always dressed as a diva dog, lol.

thank you!
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