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Default Re: Using BBM! Help!

Go to the yahoo group, there are free downloadable pages to add to your binder.

A stitch placement guide that helps for printed ribbon, AND a "One tail forward, one tail back" folding method. A few other things as well.

With printed ribbon you can't get one forward and one back anyway unless you fudge it a little.

Or, like above, you can just crease it from the back side and it will look a little more like a pinwheel bow, but both printed tails will show.

One more option is to start with shorter ribbon so no tails are visible, then add a short tag to the back either straight or at an angle so that it "becomes" the tails after creasing. I'd probably use about 3" for a medium bow. Both tails are then to the back and both have the printed side up!

Hope that helps!

Brilliant Bowmaker Templates!
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