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Default Re: How to negotiate with photograpers...

well, I don't sell bows... but photography I do!!! I would suggest possibly finding a fairly new photographer in your area and asking if they'd be willing to support each other's business (provided you sell to local area stuff... like at craft shows or word of mouth business) So I've known photographers who will give a discount on the photo shoot if they were refered to them by the bow/dress/ whatever maker... and the bow maker would give a discount on the bows if they were used in a photoshoot and signed a model release (so you could use them on your website)
But having said that... not all people have contacts in their area to make that work... so second option that I've found very useful is cafemom! If you are a member of (or you can go join) there are some great photography groups... go join one! There are lots of up and coming photographers who are more then willing to take photos of your bows simply in exchange for keeping the bow! And there are lots who take LOVELY photos! I know alot of etsy photos were taken by cafemom photographers... (occasionally when I'm just scrolling around I find a few kids who are familiar from the photo boards there!)
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