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Originally Posted by bstimpert View Post
Before I bake them I use spray starch and then pop them into the 275 degree oven for 20-25 mins and leave the ribbon on the dowels until cool. Be cautious spraying the starch onto the floor though, I do it over an old towel. The floor gets slippery!

As for cutting, I have a rotary cutter but I really want a wood burning tool to try it out since it seals as it cuts. I use a lighter to seal the ends, like you use to light candles, BBQ,etc.
This is how do mine and they always turn out nice and stiff. It also depends on the kind of ribbon you use though. i started with the ribbon from Hobby Lobby and it was so floppy. I use Schiff and Offray ribbon and the dot ribbon from Michelle's store. Most of my ribbon I buy from RABOM and The Ribbon Retreat.

I use a wood burner to cut my ribbon and it works wonders. I love it and wouldn't be able to make my ends look that great if I used a lighter or match. It comes out perfect every time.
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