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Default Re: Best Template for Bow Making?

Originally Posted by idahomommyof4 View Post
Has anyone used BOTH the TNT and BBM? What are the differences? What is your personal preference? Pros? Cons? THANKS!!!

I have both, and use them for different things......

The BBM is super wonderful for a beginner, and someone who just wants to whip out a lot bows in a speedy fashion. My 12 year old autistic son who has horrible finger dexterity (sp?) can make bows with the BBM.

The TNT is what I use when I want to make Twisted Boutique bows. It helps keep everything even, and it does speed up the process.

They both comes with wonderful sets of instructions also. If I remember correctly I had to print off the TNT ones, but the BBM comes in it's own little pink binder with the instructions printed on paper that will (to me) last forever....The BBM will be coming out from what I've read with a twisted template soon, and you can either buy that set when it comes out, or add to it.....I love 'em both, but if I were just beginning I would probably go with the BBM

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