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Default Re: Braided Hair Clips

Originally Posted by AMG101080 View Post
Ok, so, I've figured out the braid, and I've experimented w/ different ways to wrap/conceal the beadband on the underneath. My problem is how I am ending the braid. Could anyone give me a tab bit of advice on how to neatly end the braid? It just seems so unfinished to me. Maybe I am doing it correctly, but it's just not sitting well with me, and my daughter is coplaining of it scratching her behind her ears.

I've been trying to attach pics to this post, but it's saying the file size is too big and I have no idea how to change that. Anyway, I've covered the end of the headband w/ a strip of ribbon like I would do for one of my woven headbands (I was able to attach one of those so you can see how I am wrapping the ends of those). The problem with that tho is that the braid is so wide, it looks funny.

I am not opposed to purchasing the instructions, but, in all honesty, I am a struggling mom who just can't afford to be purchasing instructions left and right... especially when I've figured out the hardest part on my own! I'd really be indebted to someone for a little bit of help here. ( I know this is the longest post I've EVER done, and I've used a lot of smilies, but I am freaking out over this one)
Sorry Michelle sells my instructions here for 7$. Alot of hard work has been put into them! Hope you understand. That is part of the purchase of the instructions.

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