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Default Re: How do you make this tutu

Originally Posted by AMG101080 View Post
OMG! I know the answer to this one, so I didn't bother so see if anyone else also had the right answer. I just recently started making them for my daughter and she LOVES them. I've been experimenting w/ color, ribbon, and embellishments. Here's where I got the instructions from...

YouTube - How to make a no sew tutu

The lady on the video speaks clearly and her instructions are, most importantly, easy to understand. My favorite part is that they are FREE!! I couldn't be more happy about it.

My main advise would be to be wary of the kind of tulle you use to make the tutu with. I bought some rolls of tulle at a Jo Ann's for $2.50 just to experiment w/ and it came out nicely. So, then I spent a little more on some "shimmer" tulle to make a Tinkerbell tutu and it was so thin and whispy. Not originally what I wanted, but the shimmer tulle gave a cute ethereal and dreamy look to it.
So I have yet to try making my dd a tutu, but would LOVE to make one for her for her bday the first week of June (and if it goes well enough, ALL the nieces may be getting one for their bdays this year!!). The link above the lady uses 3" strips of tulle. I have seen others post on here that they use 4" or 6" strips. Can anyone tell me what the difference ends up being (looks, etc.) when you use different widths? What do you like better about one width over another? Pros? Cons? Thanks!!
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