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Default Re: How do you make this tutu

OMG! I know the answer to this one, so I didn't bother so see if anyone else also had the right answer. I just recently started making them for my daughter and she LOVES them. I've been experimenting w/ color, ribbon, and embellishments. Here's where I got the instructions from...

YouTube - How to make a no sew tutu

The lady on the video speaks clearly and her instructions are, most importantly, easy to understand. My favorite part is that they are FREE!! I couldn't be more happy about it.

My main advise would be to be wary of the kind of tulle you use to make the tutu with. I bought some rolls of tulle at a Jo Ann's for $2.50 just to experiment w/ and it came out nicely. So, then I spent a little more on some "shimmer" tulle to make a Tinkerbell tutu and it was so thin and whispy. Not originally what I wanted, but the shimmer tulle gave a cute ethereal and dreamy look to it.
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