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Default Re: New Trick for Korkers

Originally Posted by myprettypretties View Post
OK, I have to admit these things drive me crazy sometimes. I used to tie them, but had a heck of a time getting them to stay still. So, then I went to sewing them. Well, I broke a thread and then broke the needle (all in the same dang korker!). So then I had an bowdabra!! I put the string in like normal, then stacked the ribbon!! WOW--it works!! I had control over the colors and was able to just pull up and tie off. You have to kinda fluff it before you tie it, but it really worked for me with far less screaming!!

OH and I also found that Michaels sells pre cut dowels!! Who knew--well, not me... LOVED That!

Cost of dowels at Michaels $1.99
Cost of gas to Michaels $1.87
Cost of not having to nag your husband to cut the dowels PRICELESS!!

Have you seen the instructions on korkers on TRR.....I think they are like your bowdabra but with additional benefits like a system that holds them for you.....Haven`t tried yet but it seems to work well.
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