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Default Re: Selling my TOTTS

Originally Posted by ritzyoung View Post
Is this legal to do? Have you contacted Lanae (owner & creator of the TOTTs instructions) about selling your instructions? On the copyright aspect of it and because it's available in digital form, I don't think that you can legally sell it. I would contact Lanae about it. It just doesn't seem right that you can legally sell it without any kind of repercussion.

I've purchased tons of instructions that were total BS that I wish that I can either resell or get a refund for, but because of the nature of ebooks, they are with a no refund policy and not eligible for resell.

Not trying to start drama, but I just wanted to know if you've thought about whether or not it's a product that is eligible for resell.

I know that the bow maker is, because it's a physical item. But there lies the fact that even if you sell the instructions (book and CD); it was available in digital format, therefore, (totally not trying to discredit you here) a dishonest person could keep a copy of the instructions on their hard drive or burn a copy of the CD.

I'm sorry, again.
Unless it specifically says do not resell or make copies, she can. I think most instructions have that one them though.
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