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Default Re: how do I make this hair bow holder?

It looks to me like the plaque comes with the metal hanger. I'm sure if you googled wooden plaques you could find some pretty cheap online. As for the guess is that it's glues or stapled to the back...super easy to do. To me, it's the painting that makes these really special. She's obviously a really talented painter (not me at all) and probably sketches the design and then freehand paints it. So, if decorative painting is not your strong suit, then yes, you could get stencils or use those self adhesive vinyl letters and then paint the rest. The paint it pretty inexpensive. You can find it at any major craft store. It comes in small bottles and there are usually a million colors to choose from and range in price from $0.99 - $2.00/bottle. The trick is to get good brushes (my mom is an artist and has ingrained that into me) because that's how you get the ability to get nice lines and even coats. Does all of that make sense?

One other thought is to decopauge (sp?) a fun fabric, tissue paper or scrapbook paper on the plaque to get the background design and then stencil or paint your dd's name over that. You could also get paint markers and just write/paint the letters.

Oh, one other trick I learned for can print our your dd's name from your computer in the size and font you want for the plaque. Turn the paper over and trace around the letters with heavy pencil. Then flip it back over and lay it on the surface and rub over the front side of the letters with your pencil again. It will leave an outline of your word on the surface and you can use that as your guidelines for paiting.

Sorry for the SUPER long response! I just love good ideas like this and finding creative solutions to do it myself (and not spend the $69.95). HTH! Amy
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