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Default Re: Speaking of overcharging . . .

Originally Posted by tinybittybows View Post
Okay I think this is Over Priced also... But I wanna tell you about what I did yesterday.. I had a consult at a Bridal Shop with owner.. She was looking to put some of the fancier hairbows in her shop.. I had everything she said she was intereseted in even swatches off all the ribbon. I showed her the samples and she ask me whe prices I told her well she looked at me really strange and I said if you thin 15.00 is to high for the item I can come down.. She laughed and ask me if I was just giving my things away.. I thought what ??? And she offed me double of what I was asking for everything and told me that on my headbands shecould get 50.00 to 75.00.. I almost fell in the floor... Wel needless to say got a huge order and was pleased .. Have a meeting with another Brdial Shop next week.. Hope it goes as well..
That is fantastic!!! Way to go!!
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