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Red face Re: tie-ing korkers

Sorry I'm getting in on this late, I wanted to comment on the 'tired of pricking my fingers' thing lol I sew my korkers and bows too and also hated poking myself, until I found I think they're called tapestry needles. They're blunt (rounded) tipped so its impossible to prick yourself, yet 'sharp' enough to poke thru several layers of ribbon (of course you still have to use a table to help it thru a little.
It'd be a shame to go from sewing, to tieing. Sewing keeps the ribbons together forever (korks wont pull thru a sewed bow). I think no matter how tight you tie those korkers, especially if you have 20 or more strands, you'll have strands that, if even gently pulled (especially by a rough and tumble 2year old *note my experience lol*) the strands will go flying :/
Give the tapestry needle a try, you might change your mind
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