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Default Re: Ribbon vs. Elastic

Originally Posted by debomommy View Post
What do you prefer the tied or the sewn?? Whats the difference in the look??

The sewn tutus that I do have a satin waistband and I think the look is a very "finished" look. I also sometimes do satin ribbon around the bottom. I have not tried the tied tutu because I don't really like the waistband. To me they tend to look lumpy and thick. However, you can get certain effects with a tied tutu that I can't get with the sewn one. The pixie cut and color layering are definitely better with the tied tutu. Also, with the tied tutu, I have concerns about busy fingers untying the knots over time. So there are pros and cons to both. As I have more time, I am going to experiment with combining the two techniques, but with a baby just learning to crawl, I am babyproofing right now, lol.

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