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Default Re: Clippies with Sealah tape

Originally Posted by littlecutiesbows View Post
I bought the stuff at Walmart and have found that after a couple of days the ribbon is lifting off of the tape. Any suggestion? I'm hoping it's user error b/c it does make a pretty clippie. I lined like 60 clippies this way, but with it lifting don't feel like I could trust it enough to send to a customer.
I have the stuff from Michael's (Thermo Web) and Sealah. I prefer Sealah, but the Thermo Web is good to. After I apply the tape to the ribbon, I give it some good pressure and rub on it with my nail. I just fiddled with a clippie I did last week with the Thermo Web and it's fine. I do think the Sealah tape has better grip though and for me, is easier to peel of the backing.

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