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Default Re: Speaking of overcharging . . .

Originally Posted by CoCoPiccolo View Post
I'm one of the dummies that overpaid for a simple boutique headband~ yep it was posh petals couture... At the time I had never seen anything like it and though I'm not made of money I'm the type that would rather have 3 bows for my girl that i love, love, love then to have 12 that are so, so. So, when you think about the value of a pair of shoes is the price divided by the # of times you wear them it all works out. Lucky for me, it costs much less to make my daughters items that I love, love, love. But, I would never have the nerve to charge that much. Funny what people will pay for something they love!
I live in cali and i make everything for me and my daughter. I would never charge that much for one bow now i have charged that much for 4 bows and 2 headbands. I have been commisioned to make a hair peice like the one Carry Underwood wore on American idol. The pics are a little fuzzy so i have my work cut out for me so wish me luck all! Maybe i should charge that much for look alike hair items of the Start! haha probibly not! here is link so maybe you ladies can tell me what you think it is made of. Hey lynn, if your out there, you may know you are a pro tell me what you think!
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