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Default Re: Clog bows

Are you talking about holey clogs? If so, then you can do it one of two ways.
1. Get the doodads (basically the backs to a Jibbitz) that attach to the back of the bow and pop into the holes. This is the method I use. Michael's sells clear ones 24/$1.99. Make sure if you are using this method use really strong glue like E6000 to attach them to the back of the bow because of all of the pulling from popping in and out.
2. Just use a standard single prong alligator clip and slip it through the holes. I've done this a few time on my dd's shoes when I just wanted to attach a bow for a certain outfit. This method does work really well because the bows can be dual purpose. However, I spray all of my croc bows with Scotch Guard so just be aware of that if you are also going to use it for a hair bow.

I hope that helps! Good luck and would love to see some pics!
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