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Default Re: Tied vs. Sewn Korkers

I also sew...couldn't make them look nice tying them. I make three basic sizes...cut to 1 1/2" (use 12 pieces), 2" (15 pieces) and 3" (use 24 pieces). I think that thay look full and nice with this amount. I do also use 1/4" ribbon korked on 1/4" dowels.

I do know what you are talking about turning some of them over. I used to try to do that but I didn't like the end result as well. But when they are all the same way they do want to nestle into each other. I never used to like using any kind of stiffener but now I like to arrange all the korks so they are not nestled and then lightly spray them to keep them seperated.

Hope that helps a little!
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