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Originally Posted by chinton View Post
Hi all,

I wonder if anyone can help. I want to make these sort of double loop bows for my shih tzus, (hope it's OK to post the link)

7/8" Initial Bows : - The Diva-Dog Bowtique

but im not sure how i make sure they are 7/8" in size? Are there any tutorials on here about this sort of bow that explain what sizes i should cut ribbon to etc?

At the moment i just guess how to make them.. i cut two strips of ribbon, one slightly shorter than the other, fold the two end into the centre to make a double loop and sew it secure, do the same with the other piece of ribbon and then sew them together? Is this right?

And how do you ensure your bow will be 7/8" ?

Sorry to be a pain, and thank you if you can help me
How cute! Hope you're able to figure these out and make some!

I don't know of any tutorials, so I'm afraid I'm not much help. However, the 7/8" thing is referring to the width of the ribbon used, not the length of the bow. Hope this helps.
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