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Default glue ?

Hey there... I'm fairly new to the whole bow making thing (and loving it by the way... thanks for helping me to get addicted )

Anyway... I was wondering what good glues you gals use... for whatever. I have the terrifically tacky tape and love it, but tape just doesn't work for everything. Things like putting my bows on to the clips or other random things... I have been using hot glue, but it doesn't seem to stay very well on some things... I also tried a small sample pack of 4 glues (E6000 or whatever it is; goop, craft goop, and quick drying craft glue... all same manufacturer) and those all stink like crazy!
So needless to say, any other suggestions... and does my hot glue just suck or does it sometimes have a hard time sticking on different ribbons.

Thanks ladies :-)
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