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Default Re: what has my sister gotten me into?!? (a little long)

Originally Posted by camismom View Post
they look great! If you don't mind sharing, how do you do the ribbon? I am weaving it through right now, but it doesnt look nearly as clean as yours.

The green ribbon was a wide grosgrain that was really shiny. I just wrapped around the waistband, weaving through the knots. After each knot I straightened the ribbon out sorta, so it didn't look all twisted up. I'm actually surprised that one came out as well as it did, because I usually use a double faced satin ribbon. I was just in a pinch and used the grosgrain. I should also probably steam the bow, now that I am looking at it again.

Does anyone know how to make a peony (like the one in the pic) lie flat on a headband? I glued the petals together but they are still wanting to turn up and look weird when I clip it onto the headband/hat. Any suggestions?
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