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Originally Posted by lpatscher View Post
This may be a really silly question, but I am new to this too and I was wondering if you need to spray the ribbon with water before you cook it?
As you know I am new at this but from my reading you don't as some thread told me it would smell funny and take longer to bake as it has to dry first. But then again I am totally new at korkers.

Thanks everyone for all the great tips. I just got finished cutting and doing the ends with my candle, so going to try to tie it soon.

I have some 10 yard spools of 100% polyester that I bought for something, else but may try baking them to see how they turn out as well. I am in Canada so they come on sale often at Michael's for 3 for a $1.00. I believe the regular price is $0.59 each.
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