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APO=Army Post office
(not just for the army though)

I think (my personal opinion) is all the makings has the best price, but favor frenzy has a better color selection (for the brighter bolder colors like turquoise, corals, hot pink, etc).

Your welcome, happy to help. For a nice full tutu, I use about 80-100 yards of tulle (most 6" spools come in 25 yard lengths although you can buy them in certain locations in 100 yard spools) but yardage depends on the length you want too. I'd buy at least 4 rolls of 25 yards in your first order (if you're just making 1 tutu). Be careful when you order glimmer/shimmery tulle, sometimes there is less yardage on the roll, so just calculate it right when you place your order since they may charge you a little extra for shipping to Germany and you don't want to have to place another order because you didn't get enough~lol.
Good luck!
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