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Originally Posted by jtgarrido View Post
I have no idea how to download a picture, if someone would let me know how to do that I would be glad to send a pic of one made with 1/8" ribbon.
-Take the pic
-Download to your computer
-Post a reply, but before you hit the "Submit Reply" button, scroll down a bit to the "Additional Options" block (you'll see the words on the left side of your screen)
-Click on the "Manage Attachments" button
-A window will pop up
-If you've stored the pic on your computer, click the "Browse" button
-Select your pic (you'll have to remember where you stored it, i.e. My Pics, My Documents, etc.)
-After you've selected pic, click on "Upload"...wait
-After it uploads, close window and hit "Submit Reply"
Hope this helps...I had no idea how to do this when I first started here either. Good luck!

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