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Default Korker Question


I am hoping a few experts can give me some advice.

I am making a korker bow for my daughter for Easter. Last night I baked the ribbon on 1/4" dowel.

Just wondering if I should spray them with anything before removing them from the doweling?

Also, wondering when cutting them to the size I want do I measure with the curls in them? I figured I would but just wanted to double check before cutting.

My daughter is 15 months old and am looking for one bow for her hair. Thinking I will put it on an alligator clip, that I am lining first. Was thinking of cutting at 3 inches. Does this sound to big for her size?

Also, with clippies that I have made her I don't use non-slip as they don't seem to fall out but wondering if I will have to put something on a korker as it would be heavier? If so, any quick suggestions for this bow?

Thanks everyone for any help as I really want her to have a nice bow to wear.
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