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Default what has my sister gotten me into?!? (a little long)

So I've been making tutus, etc. and giving them as gifts for a little while now...and I've been considering opening an online website/etsy shop. Definitely just a thought in the back of my mind right now. Well today my sister calls and tells me she might have gotten me a booth at a craft fair type thing, if I'm interested. The board reviews items in May and then I would start selling once a week after that if my items are approved.
I'm just not really sure my stuff is good enough to sell, basically. It would be a great opportunity and so far I've received nothing but great feedback on the ones I have made but I'm just kinda freaked out.
Do you think it would be possible for me to make some stuff and post pics on here for you all to review? I don't want to have my bubble burst if I get rejected by the craft fair people, KWIM?
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