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Default Re: Tissue Bow Raggity Bows - thread gone?

most of us don't make these hairbows because we have plenty of money.
I feel exactly the same way which is why I tried very hard to come up with a completely unique and different idea, and worked very hard at perfecting it over 5 long years, building a reputation based on quality, creativity and originality.

I struggled for a long time on whether to sell my ideas or not, and I decided after much prayer & contemplation that I better write the instructions
(and share the RIGHT way to make my bows) before someone else did and claimed my ideas as their own. (I've seen that happen to several people in the design world over the last several years).

It took a very long time to write this 20+ page tutorial, many hours of writing/editing/photographing and testing/consulting with others to make sure my ebook is the BEST quality ebook with excellent instructions. I not only explain how to do it, I explain WHY I do it the way I do~this comes from years and years of trial and error, it includes clear and concise diagrams (hand drawn by me), a supplier list and variations on the bow (piggie bows, headbands, and large bows too) and I believe they are worth every penny. In my opinion, you can't put a price tag on an original idea.
I'm not here to try and convince anyone of why they are worth the money, or to get a pat on the back because it took so much work, Obviously, The choice to buy it is up to the individual, But that's just my 2 cents~lol.

For those of you that are still interested, but feel the price is too high, I'd like you to know that I'm working out a deal with the owner of this forum, to offer the instructions for download here, with a discount available for board members, it will also be available on "you can make this" and my etsy shop as well.

Wishing you all the very best,
thanks so much for your encouragements, support & friendship thus far,
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