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Default Updated Pics of Madalynn

Recently I've recieved a few request for Madalynn to model some items based on my post in December when she was 7 mo old. I wanted to post her new info and a picture so people don't get confused.

Madalynn is now almost 11 months old. Her birthday is May 13th. She has brown hair (used to be pitch black but it is lightening), and gorgeous ice blue eyes. She is approximatly 30 inches tall and about 22 pounds.

This is a good picture of her face but not one of my best works. It is just a candid photo. I am a photographer so I can get whatever pictures you need if you just let me know. Hopefully in the next few weeks I will be able to get her outdoors and do a shoot (those are my fav). I also have Adobe Photoshop so I can edit, enhance, or play with the pictures do achieve what you would like. Pm me if you'd like to see different pics of my little princess.

I will give you a complete copyright release to do whatever you want with the pictures.

The only thing I ask in return for Madalynn's pictures and our time is that we get to keep whatever you send for us to model.

Thanks in Advance,
Mikki & Madalynn
~~ Mikki ~~
Momma to Isaiah Matthew (10-11-2006)
and Madalynn Grace (05-13-2008)
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