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Thank you for your suggestions. I will work on resizing my images. I will also add changing the font size of the catagories to my list (don't know how to do that). I will also omit either the top row of catagories or the side panel, I don't need both.

Here is my list of things I want to change, what do you all think?

1. I would like to have a shopping cart button, right now it only shows up when someone adds something to the cart.

2. I need drop down features added for many of items to choose color options, etc.

3. How do I access the area on my main page that says "Personalized gifts available for baby showers...". I may want to edit that in the future and couldn't find the place to edit it.

4. When you add something to the cart and try to go to the shipping calculator, the
background is the same color as the font, so you can't read it. I guess I either need the background or the font color changed (preferably the background color).

5. I need larger pictures, when you click on a category at the top or side panel. When you open one of the item categories, the pictures to choose the sub-catagories are really small.

6. I would like a hit counter added that can track where the hits are coming from. I had statcounter on there, but it was loaded wrong, so I took it off.

7. Add paypal logo.

8. I need the white area on my main screens to be widened on the right hand side.

9. I may want to add a picture to my header at the top of my homepage.

10. I would like the layout of the specific items changed (I will have to describe this or give examples from existing sites to look at). Right now, when you go to a specific item, the item pictures are all left and the price is to the right. I would like the price and other info to be directly under the item.

11. I need the font size of the categories on the left side of the webpage to be larger so they stand out more.

I hope my descriptions are clear enough, itís kind of hard to describe.

Thank you for looking!
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