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Default Re: What template for the twisted or loopy boutique bow?

As to the sewing part- I sew all of my bows, and was even sewing the separate layers together and sewing them onto the clip until I realized most people glued theirs! Now I only sew certain parts:
Once you make your "squished x," hold it firmly in place and sew straight up the middle. You're only going to go "in, out, in, out" (that many times!) and about 1/8" apart. I leave my needle in until I pinch it, then wrap twice, pull tight (but not too tight), mash the crease a little flatter so my loops will still be pretty, and close with a sewing knot. Does any of that make sense?
t's the basic routine found on this site and many others- the shape of your bow before you sew is what makes it perky/twisted or not.
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