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Default Re: Square or pointy snap clip and ribbon size for covering?

Ahh..same here..can't visualize mms Since you're going for the bigger clips (40 & 50 mm), ribbon size will be 5/8. My personal preference for the above sizes are the square ones. Don't like the pointy ones.

side note: I only use pointy ones for the 30mm.

Originally Posted by YuChing View Post
Why, thank you for the welcome and for the replies

I'm wondering if I might have to go with the larger clips (40 or 50mm) so that they stay in the hair and can hold enough. My 2 yo has a lot of hair! I guess I could try some of each. I do like that the 30mm can use the 3/8" ribbon since that seems more common to buy, at least here.

I'm going to go look at a ruler and see how big 30mm is. I'm can't visualize mm like I can inches .
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