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Default Re: Sta-Flo Starch

I love, Love, LOVE Stay-Flo starch!!! Its all I'll use. I make my bow, bake, take out of the oven & turn it off, saturate with 50/50 stayflo/water, and pop it back in the (off) oven to dry for 10 min. I do each layer separately. then assembled after the starch process is done. That way my spikes are flat, my loopy surround layers are nice and rounded (I bake these in a little bowl to give them a curved bottom so the hug the loops well), and my bows have a flat base. And don't attach to a clip, put the center on or do anything with hot glue before baking. The oven will melt the glue and it will be a mess!

Ditto on the scorching in the oven and with heat sealing. I always starch after any heat treatment is needed.

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