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Originally Posted by tiff705 View Post
Lynn..... Sorry, don't know why I am having so much trouble making this..... You have all, say 5 different types of ribbon on the rolls hanging there while you are making the loopy? What is wrong with me!!! I have been trying to do this ALL DAY... trying to do a pink one for the other contest.
Sarah, yes! It's not so awful as you thought. As you don't have to 'fold' the ribbon. Exactly, you just need to leave those 5 roll of ribbon hanging there and it's not difficult as the ribbons do not have to go around the clip, just make some loops on top... wait! yes, exactly the way a caterpillar moving if you what I mean. Then when you nearly finish you cut those ribbon. That way you'll never in short of ribbon or waste any in the opposite. Does it make any sense?
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