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Default Re: Tissue Bow Raggity Bows - thread gone?

So, am I getting that you cut with regular scissors first and then trim with the pinking shears after it is tied. That seems like a lot of work....

Originally Posted by homeschoolmom View Post
I really just make them like a pom pom...I cut the strips of 2 different colors of material- about a yard long of each color...I add ribbon sometimes...Like this bow- I added 2 colors of ribbon about a yard of each...then I cut it and tie it...then you have to use pinking shears to trim the top of material, and cut and seal the ribbon takes a few to do this and get it to look right- then I flatten the bottom (whichever end looks worse...LOL) and attach it to a clip or flatback.
I don't know if that is how you guys are talking about doing them? but this is the way my mom use to make them- over 30 years ago....LOL cuz I wore them!
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