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Originally Posted by Tonya View Post
Here's something I do:

Hand sewing anything can really create more of a time investment when making things, and I try to avoid it whenever possible (I did that even before making bows though).

I arrange my tails on my glass cutting mat how I want them to go in the bow and kinda hold them in place with two fingers placed to the top and bottom of the center. Then, with the tip of my wood burner, I press my wood burner into the very middle and move it in a tiny circular motion. (The tip of my burner kinda makes a triangle shape if there are a lot of layers. ) Immediately press down on the melty circle with the flat side of a metal ruler. The ruler cools it immediately and also flattens it out so the melty bits won't the center of the bow too thick.

It's SO much quicker than sewing while permanently stacking the tails together so that they'll stay how you want them as you crease them and add to the bow. Just make sure to move the burner around a little bit since just a dot doesn't usually secure the bottom tail.

I also do that to position those surround-a-loop thingys so they stay how I want them when stacking a bow. The bow center will always cover up the little melted circle when the bow is done.

Can you guys tell I really like my wood burner? I use it for everything!
It's absolutely clever, Tonya! Too bad I have never found a wood burner here. I wish I had one...

I just place them together the way I want them to be but a bit closer together ( as they'll always open out a bit once you make the crease), creas them with hand, hold tight with my left hand and use right hand to wrap tightly with elastic thread. I always make those spikes a bit longer, so I can trim them later once the bow is done.
you can put them anywhere you want, just try and see what you like. uder the surrounding, or even under the base bow...
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