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Default Tissue Bow Raggity Bows - thread gone?

I had bookmarked a thread titled, "Tissue Bow Raggity Bows".

It showed these GREAT bows that appeared to be made of fabric strips, kind of korker slash pom pom like. Everyone was putting in their two cents on how they thought the look was acheived, different techniques to try. I know the creator posted a message that she would soon have a tutorial on it, that they were acutally called "Raggie Bows".

I tried to look it up today, to see when she will have the tutorial available. But for the life of me, I can't find that thread, it's like it disappeared...

And I know it was just in the last week - I have done every search I can think of. Anyone remember this thread? Or better yet, know where you can get the tutorial or directions? Thanks.
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