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Originally Posted by JakeGigiandLolasMommy View Post
Just wondering, when you all line your clips, what kind of glue do you use? Is it just regular hot glue? I ask because when I hot glue my clippies, sometimes they come out messy. Thankfully they are under a whole bunch of korker so you can't see it, lol
Also, does the brand of hot glue matter? Cheap vs expensive, e.g.
I use whatever hot glue they have at Walmart. I recently invested in a better glue gun and that seemed to have helped me a lot with the messy part of it (my old one was the cheap kind that costs $1.99, but new one was $14.99. I am sure my new glue gun is not the best out there, but it does its job just fine. Also, when I first started out, I noticed that I could not control the glue gun as well as I do now. With practice, you will reduce glue being spill everywhere (like I did ),
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