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Originally Posted by Kimm57 View Post
Start by lining your clip. Then make a circle with your ribbon- I don't use exact measurements, but pretty much the circle, when flattened should go out as far as you want it to on either end. I use a dot of glue on the inside of the circle and glue the center down (this makes two loops). Then I glue it to the clip (I usually just use a small dot in the center). Take a small piece of ribbon and glue it in the center of the underside of the clip (make sure it on the inside, so the clip will still open). Wrap that piece around the center of the clip and glue back on itself. This should make the "center" of the bow.

Hopefully this makes sense. I am not very methodical in my bow making, and I no good at giving instructions.


Thanks! It sounds easy enough, coulda figured it out, just scared to get started. It REALLY helped reading your instructions! Thx!!! Now to put them to use!
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