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Originally Posted by olivia-mom View Post
Ha, Ha, Ha! I can not bring myself to spend $30 on it--sorry! If it were priced more reasonably...I certainly would have! My problem is not that the ribbon slips out of the clip, but rather that my thread slips--so I fold the bow, put it into the clip so that my fold stays put, wrap the thread around the bow and first tie keeps opening up--does that make doesn't stay a tight tie, so when I make the cute little "folded" center is not really accordian folded anymore--any suggestions?
that's what I meant in the other post. I never use the clip to make the fold stay put, here is what I do: I fold the bow, make sure that the 4 loops are reasonably even, crease the center and hold the crease tight by my left hand with thumb and pointer finger. use my right hand to place the elastic thread right next to the left hand fingers, and sneak the thread underneath the thumb, still use that thumb to hold tight both the crease and one end of the thread, use right hand to wrap around tightly and finally make a knot to secure. Then I fix the loop again to make sure they are even, thanks to Michelle, the idea of elastic tghread is sheer geniuos! because it's elastic it'll hold VERY TIGHT and yet very flaxible if say you want to pull a loop out a bit from the opposite one to make them even. KHIM? Once you get the bow right as you wish, you can sew to secure, weoll double secure!

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