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Default Re: ?For all of you that sew

Originally Posted by JandL View Post
Maybe try the class one more time. Even if you only pick up one or two more things it will be worth it and then try and wing it from there.
That's what we were told in our class too. I bought my machine from JoAnn's-it was actually another company that has a space in JoAnn's, but they offer free classes for life for my machine. I just did the sewing and am going to do the embroidery in a few weeks. A few times, I knew more about the machine than the lady did who was teaching the class (she wasn't threading it right, etc) but overall, I learned a lot. I think a lot of it was way over my head because they were teaching things that I didn't know where to begin on (like a blind hem), but....I'm glad I did it so that if I had to do it again, I may remember SOMETHING about it. I did learn a lot that I could use now though, but I think if I took it again, I would be able to pull more out of it since I know my machine better. I'm dying for the embroidery class because that is the reason I bought my dang machine, but I just haven't had any time to figure it out on my own although I hope to do some of that before my class so I somewhat know what I'm doing!
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