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Originally Posted by j2garnett View Post
Can someone please give me a formula for making those big stacked bows? No matter what I do, I cant figure it out!

Like, use 24'' on 1/5 inch to make bottom layer which is boutique fold, then add spikes (4'' of assorted widths)...etc, etc?

Thanks in advance?
Hello j2garnett,

you seem to have very good 'recipes' already! I never measure my ribbon, so I don't really have a recipe my own, and I never precut ribbon. So basically I made the top bow first, then surrounding, then bottom bow. And along with practice, I just 'measure' ribbon with my eyes.

However, here is my tip: If you pre-cut spikes, make it a bit generous, as it' really hard to get them together evenly. Once you tie all layer together, you'll want to shape your bow (just with hands, not spraying) and once you're done, you trim they spikes to get the even look you wish. Then heatseal them. Never forget to heatseal them before you spray as the spraying stuff will make the ribbon burn if you do it after.

Jeanna, crazy me, I shouuld have read your post first as you mentioned the trim already! your bows are amazing! Oh yes, how do you do spikes folding and creasing each piece? It'd be very thick in the center? I just place them together and crease them together, then secure.

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