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Default Re: How Do You Make These?

I bought these instructions a couple of years ago for under $5 on ebay. It was just the pdf files though, not the disc that she's selling now. These are the only instructions that I've ever purchased for bow making -- and probably why I haven't purchased any since. They're not great. Her instructions didn't seem very professionally worded, some of the pdf pages were out of order and very confusing to piece together. She sent a bunch of spam "extras" which I didn't like -- like advertisements trying to sell more "how to packages" on make money by creating your own ebooks, etc.

It did have some useful stuff in it, and for $5, it was worth my trouble, but I don't recommend it, especially for the price she now charges.

If I were going to buy instructions again, I would stick to something that also comes with templates. Since most folding techniques are available for free on the web. Roni's "butterfly" fold is just a boutique bow -- and there are lots of free instructions for that. In fact, I find Roni's way of folding it much more complicated than the free instructions (esp. the pin in the middle version, that makes it soo much easier).

HTH, of course, this is just my own experience, I'm sure that many have her instructions and love them. If I were going to buy instructions, I think I'd get the Brilliant Bowmaker -- you get templates and a printed book!!
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