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Default Advise Please!

Hiya ladies,
I've been trying (and failing miserably) to take photos of my stuff for my website. I've been through all the threads here and i still can't do it. I got a new camera for christmas and when i try to take close up photos they end up really blurry. I've made the little light box and i've tried to take them in daylight but i just can't get a good quality picture Does anyone know why this is happening?? The camera i'm using is supposed to be brilliant for close up shots. It's a normal digital camera with settings for day, snow, sport, flower, auction mode, museum, fireworks, portrait and so on. It also has a macro setting for close up shots and it has a setting to reduce camera shake blur. I've tried it on every function. Does anyone know about this type of camera and how to get nice pictures from it. I truly am at the end of my rope here.It's really holding me back from making my millions.........LOL

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