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Default Re: Question for toggle ribbon headband makers

I have a gigantic head and I can wear 28 inches....LOL!

Originally Posted by juniortrooper View Post
OK, on Monday I spent hours looking for suggestions of new things to make on here and the toggle headbands peaked my interest. I ordered toggles from the scrubs lady and they came today! I only ordered 40 because I didn't know what I was doing. Now I need more! I'm totally hooked on making them. I hope they sell! (or else we'll have lots to give as gifts!) I have an event at the local "Super Suppers" tonight then an open house on Sunday.

Anyway, do you make them different lengths or all the same length? I read on here that 28" is a good length, but would that be for adults or kids? There is a big different between my head and my 3 year old's!

As always, thanks for your help!
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