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Default Re: OMG! These are So Cute and I need to know how to make them....

Sew Cute! Just one ruffle do you do the two side by side stiches and pull to gather or do you use a ruffle foot?

Originally Posted by homeschoolmom View Post
Ok...I couldn't stand it...I found one of Chloe's old B-day tanks...(it needs to be ironed)LOL but I did it and I have not even added ribbon yet it looks cute and took like less than 10 min. I ruffled the tulle first then just layed it on the tank and sewed it using a straight stitch and it stretches ok. I pulled the shirt a little but not a lot so it would not look wonky like I said before.
here are pics...and like I said it needs ironing...ahhahaha
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