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Default Re: How to attach bows to headbands

Originally Posted by lilredsmiles View Post
You know, I've only had one customer request a french clip. Everyone else wants the alligator pinch clips with the gripper. I've never had anyone complain about them slipping off the band. Another idea if you're worried about it is hot gluing a loop of 3/8 grosgrain around your cinched, narrow spot on your band for you to clip the bows on. It may be a bit more secure. French clips may work that way too actually...

Are you worried about seeing the clip? I would think it would be no different than if you clipped it in hair. What do you mean?
Oh, I see...what size of alligator clip would you use for a 3-4 inch bow? Just thought that when it comes to adding a clip to hair, the french barrette was more secure. Then again I have never had my daughter wear a alligator clip with or without a gripper.

So just line the alligator clip with ribbon then add it to a boutique bow just as you would with a french barrette, then add a gripper?

Where would I buy quality grippers at?

Thanks for all your help, you rock & deserve a cookie!

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